Saturday, June 30, 2007

Married with...

You thought I was going to post the birth of junior. But alas, just wasting more time awaiting the birthday bird. While we've been waiting we made our own Simpson's avatars -- it's a great way to waste time. We both did a version and composited the results. Amazing how different our avatars of one another and ourselves were. I highly recommend that you create your family avatars see

Monday, June 25, 2007

Come out, come out.... (a.k.a. hello in there!)

So Sherry is feeling much better this week than she did last week. The swelling is down considerably. Don't get me wrong, she is still wicked uncomfortable and more than ready to have this baby enter the world. She is going to spend the next couple weeks at the pool barring any weather or contractions. The pool is open everyday now and since she is being good about keeping off her feet (thank goodness she gave up going to the track), sitting by the pool should be perfect. Being in the water helps her back and is soothing in general. Until the baby arrives, she will be spa girl with a daily routine!

Welcome to the Nursery

Sherry and I have been busy nesting. She may think that I am doing more since I have been putting the furniture together and painting and such. But this is definitely a team us endeavor. Most of the design work is Sherry's creativity. But I will let you be the judge! Here are some snaps of the room...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Yup, evidentally Botero digs fat chicks. I've begun to swell and have been uncomfortable for the last two weeks. Now on bedrest, I'm thankful for my laptop. Bedrest does not suit my personality at all. However, Gerard is taking good care of me and we've been very productive so the timing is as good as it can be. I'm hoping there is still beautiful weather left when Junior joins us.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Final Count Down...

If you can't beat the belly decorate it -- I say. Since I saw my sister-in-laws tatoo online I thought I have to post mine -- just wouldn't be right not to. However, this is the last belly shot I'm taking. Gerard decided to give my belly a pre-birth henna tatoo -- to celebrate junior's arrival. He did a nice job. It is a Haitian female goddess that promotes wellness and love -- all good. I haven't had a temporary tatoo since I tried to give my Mom a scare at my High School graduation and plastered a rose across my chest (much to my chagrin I had gotten a suntan at the beach and was stuck with the rose tan for the ceremony). I can't say that I learn quickly ;)

Junior is due any day now so the clock is ticking! I'm enjoying the time to relax and prepare. Gerard did quite the psychedelic paint job in the nursery -- we were going for Seuss but looks to have gotten Garcia -- oh well!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Cotton Anniversary

This is G and I at the Chart House celebrating Anniversary #2 -- can you believe I found a dress and an extremely reasonable one? Notice how large the dots get. The best was that it matched my black and white patent leather shoes perfectly which I broke out for the occasion. It will most likely be our last outing for a while. I'm looking forward to just relaxing now at home. I'm on leave and trying to get prepared for Junior. We're reading a stack of books and magazines. I'm so large I can't get around so easily, however, morning walks and the pool are great releases.

Other than that it's just a matter of waiting for Junior to hatch...

Fish Tales

This is G with his first catch of the season -- a real brown trout from the Croton Resevoir.

He even got 2 in one day! See their speckles in my sink waiting to be filet'd.

And finally dinner -- we made the one filet rubbed with garlic and coarse brown mustard and baked it in olive oil with dry Sherry, salt and pepper. The side of rice had sauteed mushrooms and golden raisons in it. It was so good and we got to eat it within 12 hours of it swimming in the lake.

OK -- so this doesn't have much to do with Junior but I am crazy about fresh fish.