Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Yes, little Brandy has been celebrating this October holiday in style. She had a costume party at daycare last Friday to which she dressed up as a pea pod. I think she looked absolutely delicious, don't you?

She then went to the Great Pumpkin Blaze in Croton-on-Hudson. It was awe inspiring. Brandy even started her "Trick-or-Treat" festivities by scaring some poor lady in front of us by grabbing hold of her hooded sweatshirt (without us realizing it) until the lady turned with a start and then started to laugh saying " I couldn't imagine who was fooling with me since all of my friends are in front of me!" It was a fun time for all.

Finally, Halloween was capped by Brandy dressing as a pumpkin (a costume she got from Aunt RoseMarie) and posing for photos in a jack-o-lantern basket with a pumpkin hat she got from Grandma Judy.

All in all a festive October comes to a close. And November will start with a family gathering as Brandy is Christened on Sunday. Busy busy!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Brandy visits her mommy at work

So Sherry had to go in really early to work for some breakfast function thing... and I got to drop Brandy off at daycare (which she loves by the way.) Sherry, Brandy and I stayed in her office for about 30 minutes so Brandy could have her breakfast with mom and give us enough time to get to Sonia (daycare) on time and not to early. Needless to say, out little girl took right to the computer keyboard, a real natural!!