Saturday, May 19, 2007

I like the night life baby!

--Yes, Junior (*new name -- we'll stick with it from this point forward) is a nightly boogy-down sort of kid. It really likes the disco hours between 2am and 4am and then has sleepy time from 6am to 10am. It is getting difficult to sleep with all this squirming and if I move too far one way or the other I get a swift kick to check my position -- Junior is already boss.

--Junior looks to be bit better than 4 lbs with a very good tummy circumference measurement -- whatever that is good for. We just don't know how long Junior is but I do know that Junior has a foot fetish and tries hard to grab for its feet, frequently -- which is obviously getting harder for Junior to accomplish -- hence all that squirming on my right-side from bottom to top. (*You'd think Junior a PISCES)

--So, life with Junior is good and we now begin the waiting around for the hatching. I've invested in a nice swimsuit that befits my orka-like figure so I can wade around the pool and await the big hatch.

--Looking forward to June for a rest-bit so I can just read about Junior-care, Gerard has gotten on top of this research and is much further ahead. I bought an owner's manual and am just starting to weave through it.

--Gerard found a pediatrician and we have gotten our lovely shower items organized. So, the next thing will be to Henna my tummy, do LAMAZE, and sign-up for Weight Watchers (so that I can begin to envision my former self)!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Finally... the moment you've all been waiting for!

No!! Not THAT moment. That's not for a few more weeks at least.
I am talking about the belly. That's right, it is Sherry's belly shot! She was finally willing to show off the baby belly. I think she looks fab pregnant, but then again I think my bias is overwhelming since I find her beautiful all the time. But seriously, she is feeling and looking great even as she approaches the finish line. She still hikes and goes to the gym, still paints and writes. Sherry gets tired a lot earlier these days. 8pm is a very un-Sherry bedtime. But on the flip side she is also getting up super early. Some mornings she even gets up with me at 6am.

Well, there will be another photo op once we have procured a Henna kit from Ricky's in the city. THAT will be a fun little project. But for now, enjoy the current belly shot.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Pucker up!

We were at the doctor again on Tuesday May 1st for some more pictures, measurements and check-ups. The baby is somewhere around 3.5 pounds and the length is no longer discernible since the babe is in a fetal position now. The first thing we (I) saw when the tech put the wand to Sherry's tummy is this cute face peering out. I mean , straight on head shot. Amazing!! So what do you think?