Saturday, April 28, 2007

Shower Fashionistas

Ever worry about what to wear to your upcoming baby shower? Worry no more -- see trend-setting cousins on left setting the standard for baby shower etiquette. Why be alone when you can find complimentary colored outfits suitable for any shower baby or bridal. Need to get your hands on one of these dresses fast? They might tip you off for a reasonable fee -- staying ahead of the curve is a lot of work!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Heeeeeeere Fishy Fishy

As many of you know Uncle Kenny likes to fish. Once a summer (sometimes twice) he gets family and friends together to go fishing for Fluke out of Huntington Harbor on Long Island. I have gone every year since Sherry and I started dating. Sherry has subsequently won the boat pool for biggest fish landed every year, but that is another story.

So, Uncle Kenny is an above average fisherman. I mean, he truly knows what he is doing and obviously enjoys doing it. Anyone who has joined in on a fishing excursion with him knows that he has a sixth sense for finding fish. He can talk to them. He calls them and they just come.

Now I have been fishing all my life. Pop (my mothers dad) has taught me more about fishing than I can put into words. He is an authentic salty dog, who has an innate knack for line and lure, tides and telltale signs of when fish will be biting. But pop never taught me this magical call. (I scratch my head.) Why? And believe you me, I have pondered on this question long and hard.

I finally found the answer. Sesame Street. I'll swear to it, Kenny must have learned it from watching Sesame Street. I don't know when or where he was watching but that is the answer!

Don't believe me?!?! Well, check this video clip out. You will agree that I am 100% sure Uncle Kenny learned how to call fish from Ernie (not his younger brother but the Muppet.)

I can't wait to teach my kid how to fish! I will surely look to get some help from Pop and Uncle Kenny. Now I can also count on Children's Television Workshop and Jim Henson to lend a hand!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Less than 3 months

I have been feeling the anxiety of the inevitable as of late, the knowledge that I can kiss sleep goodbye, free time will be a minimum and life as I have known it for 33 years will be forever in the past. The weight of reality kicked in while moving all the shower gifts into the loft from the cars. So much stuff for such a little being. Don't get me wrong, we will need most of this crap... we got very, very few duplicate items or things that will need to be exchanged (not counting the stroller fiasco... THANKS MOM, you've the patience of a saint.)

Okay, the fiasco. We ordered what we thought was the perfect stroller. Then we decide it wasn't after going to the stores and trying out a bunch of models. My mother (since she ordered it in the first place) tried to return said stroller and get the newer, better option. Baby Universe is the worst and said "Sorry, no dice... even if you have spent a ton of money and the better one you want is a higher priced item than the one you original chose. We don't care if you hate us. We don't care if you are only one week past our 30 day policy. We must stand firm. Rules are rules."

So the long and the short of it is DON'T SHOP AT BABY UNIVERSE! They are really poor baby product people. I mean, how can you be so strict when you are dealing with something so amazing as the birth of a newbie!

More on my feelings of the inevitable later. Right now I am going to go get 8 hours sleep while I still can!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

April Showers

This picture looks skinny compared to now -- featured above at 4 1/2 months pregnant reading fit pregnancy (which Gerard scored off some pregnant lady on the train -- a part of his product research survey evidently). I had fantasies of going to the gym at least 3x per week (turned out to be one to two times per week) and just doing spa all the way through my pregnancy. However, reality bites and I've rather busy with very compelling projects so iWORK is the app I'm running on iLIFE. I'm up early on a beautiful Sunday morn before my baby shower -- that's right I found out last week that I was having one (maybe they will surprise me and not show up!). I'm excited to see everyone and some people have even been sending us packages this week! It is very exciting between my oversized front-end extruding into z-space and all these packages it is getting to feel real. We have 9, yes 9 weeks, folks until the baby arrives so DON'T FORGET TO PLACE YOUR BABY BET! I'm still working up to the belly shot --- we'll see what happens next post. --Love, S.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Bet on the BABY!

As promised, the betting of when the baby will arrive, how big and what gender the baby will be has started. I just finished the online entry form. Just go to Betting on the Baby and you can add your guess as to the "what" and "when" of our baby. I am sure some of you might feel a little strange in regards to betting with or on children, especially those not even here yet. But the pot will be split 50/50 with the little one (Sherry and I will get a CD or Bond for the child with "the babies half" of the winnings.) It is a win-win in every respect. I have done this in the past with other babies being born to co-workers in my office. So place your bets! (and no you can't go to your local OTB.)

My Turn to Post

-Daily everything bagel - achieved again
-Morphology approaching the shape of the chick who ate the blueberry gum in Willy Wonka
-Mobility awkward to the point of waking up as Kafka's cockroach
-Swagger has turned into a waddle, decidedly not sexy
-Situation -- 6 months pregnant and counting down the last twelve weeks of gestation
-Biggest surprise -- that I actually like sweets, mostly chocolate, hopefully temporary
-Eggplant -- should be called basketball now but let's say honeydew instead
-Kid seems to be moving its penthouse on up -- much more uncomfortable
-Ability to hike and workout in low gear intact
-Less curious about the gender than before -- funny
-Homework -- educational animations online regarding the birth process
-Items purchased on behalf of the kid: apple laptop (necessary to downscale office to make room for nursery) and car (still a one-family car, reliable vehicle necessity)
-Nursery status -- IP
-Office equipment moved into studio space, cabinets built to accomodate supplies and clear baby's closet, room successsfully cleared.
-Design meeting regarding mural project conducted -- strategy established, painting to commence shortly
-Can't wait to resume former form -- form of .... ??? can hardly remember