Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Home Depot Day Care Solutions

I love Home Depot. Maybe it is just the Y chromosome in me or just the love of working with my hands but I truly enjoy most aspects of home improvement and handyman projects. I get a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment upon stepping back and seeing a completed task.

I have thought about my new home improvement project... the Baby Addition. We will be adding shelving and cabinets to the loft area, painting and fixing up the office (transformed into the nursery) and I am sure other projects will arise involving baby's arrival.

Well, I have thought hard about how I can apply all this wealth of knowledge to our new addition once it arrives... all this carpentry, electrical, masking, painting, and general home maintanence know-how.... there MUST be a applicable task or baby need where it all ties in.

So I have begun testing some of my ideas before I put them to practical use at home. Baby Sitting Test #1 What do you think?

Monday, January 29, 2007

The Big Red Chair 2

I am telling you, this is THE place to nap on a chilly Sunday. It's reminiscent of climbing into your very own nest. Ahhhh... creature comforts.

Another thing to note.... Sherry is wearing her favorite sweatshirt in this photo as well as the last one.... just like Linus with a blanket.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

My baby is an Onion

"The U.S. and Australia are the only two industrialized nations that don't guarantee paid maternity leave. The Project on Global Working Families." Fact cited from Baby Center -

Just a factoid that I was sent -- it compliments the onion nicely. Yes, it's true avocado is nolonger an avocado at 18 weeks it is indeed, an onion. Gerard is disputing this fact but I didn't make it up, really I didn't. Since our doctor's visits are organized, our daycare arranged, and our registries registered. This Mom to be is taking a child prep break and focusing on her many other projects. Oh we did also order cabinets to move our office junk to the dinning area and a laptop to downsize our computer equipment. These are all smooth moves to make room for baby.

No more action on baby until April -- I finish teaching then and I'll be free to paint, schedule lamaaze and whatever. I feel really great which is terrific because I have a lot to do. I do get distracted from the primary mission, however, like yesterday when I happened by the Outsider Art Fair and bought two spaceships and tried to argue with Gerard that they'll look great in the baby's room. No sale there, however, I'm very happy with my spaceships regardless where they end up.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Big Red Chair

Recently, my wife has been coming home after work with about enough energy left to last until 8:30pm or so. At which point she needs to just chill. Her favorite place of late has been in front of the tube sprawled on our big red chair; a double sized papasan chair formerly sold at Pier 1, futon stores and other similar places (you can still get them online!) Many of my friends will recall this chair from my Long Island apartments (yes it is that old), However back then I had a blue cushion. Look, I know this chair's days are numbered. It is, after all, really only good for two people who really REALLY like each other... cause after about 10 seconds in this chair, you start to gravitate towards the middle (i.e the person next to you is also gravitating so....) I am sure the big red chair will get retired in the next year or so. But while Sherry stillcompletely enjoys it, the chair stays. I mean, come on! Look how adorable the mother to be looks... snoozin' on this past Saturday afternoon.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Turn Your Space Upside Down

In doing some heart felt analysis of our space which is wonderful -- we live in two classrooms of an old school house. We definitively decided that we will remain with baby here. However, where to put the baby has been a small problem as I do not like to share studio space with anyone. I was inspired by a recent article in the New York Times about thinking about small space design, written by a couple of designers in a tiny apartment having their first child. Since we do not wish to share our room with the baby, we need to convert our his/hers office into the nursery. We've embraced this idea full force and have lovely plans of projecting Dr. Seuss characters all over the walls (I really like painting on the walls). But when faced with moving all our crap into the studio I was a little daunted. So we figured out a good design for inserting extra cabinets between our existing cabinets in the main room which will absorb hopefully all of our office materials. We'll cut the baby closet up in two to store winter coats and then baby stuff in baskets on wire shelving. Then we'll try and downsize our dinosaur computer equipment to microscale it and set it up in my space. This seems to be just the thing to do so that we have plenty of room for junior. As long as junior doesn't have too many toys ;) I must be stressed about it because I started 8 foot by 2 foot painings while I still have my whole work space.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Photo Op of Pregnant Couple


Nailed Down the Daycare

As a testament to my wife's amazing sense of efficiency, I must give major kudos to Sherry for not only researching all the possible childcare options in our area of Westchester, but also setting up meetings, handling the referrals, organizing the visits to the locations and then securing a spot for us in the future with a great childcare provider in Yorktown.

We are thrilled to have that stress removed. Now we have a place picked out. We don't have to worry about what we will do after the baby arrives and Sherry decides to return to work. From the moment walked in the door, We both had that feeling of "yes... this feels right." When we met with the family that runs the daycare and saw the smiling little rugrats playing and laughing, Ahhhh... the feeling of relief and security in a decision is grand.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Saturday Date Night

We had a pretty good weekend... both time together and time separate. Saturday day I helped out the Bros. Mayo with Chad and Jacqueline's new house. Then Saturday night I took Sherry to the movies in Mount Kisco to see The Queen. It was definitely worth it... both to get out to the theater and then the flik itself was great. It was an earlier movie so we were home before 10. We had enough time to stretch canvas for Sherry's next painting. What a perfect night!

Sunday we spent the day together until the evening. I was working on the computer for the most part. Sherry was gessoing her canvas. Then I went to the city to play session and Sherry went out to dinner. Monday was entirely together until Sherry tuckered out around 8:30, which I took the opportunity to practice in the basement. I am SOOOO glad I found a space in which I can play the pipes during the winter. No one can hear me and it is warm enough and dry enough for anytime playing. It will come in handy once the baby is here. I can practice without having to drive to get to a secluded spot. Bagpipes are so damn loud, I need to be as far from would be complaining people as possible. Not everyone likes to hear my playing.

and yes, it's too late to switch to the recorder!

Saturday, January 13, 2007


This is the lastest shot of Peaches -- so called due to its size. I'm feeling really good since I got past the three month mark. I'm now 4 months pregnant with 5 more to go. I really can't wait until Peaches is here. Its already a bit uncomfortable to be this heavy so I think it won't get any better later. Other than that we are busy and doing well. I've begun my search for childcare and have figured out our loft modifications for baby.

Friday, January 12, 2007

The Atkins Attack a.k.a. Carb Overload

Sherry has been following the pregnant woman guide book quite well in regards to cravings. She has them from time to time... ice cream, bagel and cream cheese, pretzels. She has had the consistent or shall I say constant need for pasta. I think that will remain throughout the 40 weeks. This past week has been Marie's Blue Cheese and pretzels. I must say I turned her on to this amazing snack combination. I love it. Sherry loves it too. If it wasn't so caloric I would keep it in the fridge at all times.

But what I really wanted to talk about was Wednesday night.

I have been cooking dinners for the two of us lately. Sherry and I take turns with this chore and now that she sometimes tuckers out after a long day, I am on KP duty. Well, this past Wednesday I had the quarterly condo board meeting (I am on the board so I can't miss it.) So I set Sherry up with some left over mac and cheese, threw some fries in the oven, and ran to my meeting. Sherry was watching tv and relaxing, snacking and watching, relaxing and snacking. Before you know it... gone. There all gone. Sherry loves fries. Now you can say she loves mac and cheese almost as much. Making dinner for Sherry is a snap!

Monday, January 8, 2007


As many of you may know, Sherry and I manage our busy schedules with an online calendar and planner called It is very easy to use and you can log into your data anywhere.

Well, little did I know has a blog section that my wife has been using from time to time. This is her latest entry...

Lovely Husband
Have I told you lately how wonderful you are and how lucky I am to have such a fabulous husband? Even though he is a tyrant at times he is also caring and very willing to pamper his pregnant wife and hopefully his wife when she's not pregnant. Lime is very happy with Dad.
Author: Sherry Mayo on Jan 4, 2007 at 4:50 PM.

Totally cute, no? Major kudos for husbands and fathers alike, right? I should have read the writing on the walls ( or at least this post!) Within a couple days, I was a complete jerk and we had a two round argument. I deserved a fair amount of this verbal discourse. As I said I was a real goober. But by that evening everything was back on the positive with team us. She said sorry and took some fault. I said sorry and took a bigger share. Kiss and make up. Done.

Amazing how relationships work. Talks, discussions, discourse, argument, or a rip roaring ruckus! It all comes to balance by time the sun rises the next morn.

Just remember these simple words... "Yes, you're right dear." And sincerity is key. Be a wise ass with this statement and look out!!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Being Pregnant According to Sherry

I'm really happy that I'm pregnant and that we're having a baby. It is amazing how connected I am to peaches already. That said I'm not that into the process. The metamorphosis is pretty oogy. My body is freaking out and I'm now the size of fat 5'4 person not "showing" and "glowing" but as rosy as patty's pig. So the enjoyment factor is low. Eating is a real crap shoot and I'm very glad to report I have gone through a 48 hour-cycle without being sick. I actually feel asleep without acid reflux! If this continues my attitude could possibly improve. I like to move around quickly and be super productive and while I'm not fatigued until 10 PM (big improvement) I crap out due to indigestion or the fact that my heads pounds if I stoop over. I get short of breath and I can not tolerate bending over. I'm still hiking and moving not exercising as much as I'd like to but still doing it. We're keeping active. However, the headaches wake me up in the morning and persist through the day. They seem to be aggravated by the increased blood flow and the hormonal changes. So I feel like an amoeba just oozing out in multiple directions and not really sure of my shape just yet.

I'm posting because everybody wants to know how I'm feeling, how I'm getting sick, and what I'm craving. And since I'm intolerant of repetitive personal questions I'm writing it all down for the benefit of others (my generous nature peeks through). Oh -- and I only get sick at night -- people are just incredulous but actually almost 7 pm on the dot daily. I'm sure it's because I do not like anything interfering with work so peaches has graciously complied.

On cravings -- it really has not been one thing or another --- the smell of Asian food made me gag for about two months and then I just had to have it b/c it's actually my favorite. Almost any pungent smell is a bother -- gassing the car, cleaning fluids (which is why my lovely husband is doing all the heavy cleaning). I'm real tired of Cheezits -- my anti-nausea cracker of choice. And prefer carbs most definitely. Fortunately, everything bagels with cream cheese and cheese tortellini from DiNardo's does not make me ill at all. I have a little problem with pretzels and Marie's blue cheese but think I'm almost tired of this combination. Not to worry, I take my vitamins and get my fruit and veggies in. Peaches is in good shape.

My biggest pet peeves are all the random women who think that they are sly in their pregnancy comments. I refrain from posting but I really come home and say "you wouldn't believe what so and so said to me..." I know we've all had these experiences before but I really feel that being pregnant solits much unwarranted commentary. I am in the process of filing a class action suit in the defense of pregnancy discrimination (joke!).

Gerard and I are planning our clever redesign of preparing our apartment to accommodate peaches. We are putting together new cabinets for the big room to put our office stuff in. We are working on relocating our computer equipment and planning which Dr. Seuss characters will make it on our nursery wall of fame. This part is fun. We are also working on finding a day-care provider so Mom can return to work in a timely fashion. And seeking a pediatrician. Yes, so soon. So we are busy parents already.

But peaches knows what he/she is getting into and is being very good.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Past the 1st Tri-mester

Sherry is happy to be into the second stage of this baby process. Thanksgiving was really quite tough, Christmas was much better, and her evening sickness is becoming less and less. Leave it to Sherry to have morning sickness in the evening. Makes sense knowing her.

New Years was a fun time out with some other couples, both with and without kids. It's always fun to see what the future holds by seeing other folks with kids, especially kids under 2. we got some great tips and advice on everything from high chairs & seats to nannys & day-care. THAT put us at ease, both hearing others stories and knowing that this is not uncharted waters... Thanks to all the friends who trail blazed before us.

Hopefully more pics and info after the doctors visit this evening.