Sunday, December 2, 2007

Brandy gets a book before bed.

Sherry likes reading to Brandy before bedtime, all snuggled up in the red chair. Brandy likes books most of the times, unless she is preoccupied with hunger or the television or some other interesting bit of big people stuff. We mix it up every other night between Seuss and all the other books she has. Since we have Brandy enrolled in the Seuss club, she gets two knew full size books a month. This gets her started on her collection as well as leave us some of the smaller books for presents in the future.

Here Sherry is reading her the Grinch! The three of us caught the animated version on the tv ealrier this week. Brandy was glued to the set. I think she found the Whos very funny. In any case, she loves the book version especially when mommy uses different voices for the characters. I think Sherry does a great Cindy-Lou Who don't you?

Eating like a big Girl!

Yes, Brandy has started to eat cereal. She has been sampling mixed cereal this evening. Last week she was eating oatmeal and the week before we started her out on rice. She likes it all really, but oatmeal the best so far. Just look at this snap from Friday's dinner...

She will be 5 months old this week (on the 6th) and I think she will get her first taste of fruits! Apples first and then pears, just so we can see if she is allergic to either of them. Since Sherry and I don't have any food allergies (except for sherry's dairy issues) I think Brandy should be okay with most edibles.